How to Start Cover Letter

Are you unsure how to start your cover letter? For the first paragraph, you will want to create a connection story with the company. Why do you want to work for this company? What do you respect about the company? 

How to create a connection story to the company?

  1. Find information on a company.
    • Go to the company website.
    • Go to glass door- What positive things are people saying about the company.
    • Go to company social media.
    • Ask questions to current employees on LinkedIn.
    • Look at news articles about the company .Take notice of community participation- are they local? Do they sponsor events?
  2. Do you share the same values and beliefs?
    • For example, if you are applying to a credit union, look at their community participation. You see that the credit union provides services to the local farms. So you might say “I believe farming feeds the local economy. The services provided from the credit union has a direct impact on the local agriculture economy. Because I am from the Valley, I have a desire to help farms in my state achieve that goal.”
  3. The defining moment angle.
    • Did something happen to you that made you respect, appreciate, or admire what the company does?
    • Share a personal story and connect it to what you appreciate about the company. For example, ABC Financial is committed to customer education. You could say, “My parents were not able to pay for my college. Since then I have made it my mission to education the youth on finances. From handing out free pamphlets or hosting financial workshops, ABC Financial has always focused on providing financial education to its customers. I believe it’s this dedication that sets ABC Financial apart, and I would be very proud to contribute to the team.”
  4. The customer angle.
    • Are you a local customer to the company? Tie that experience in with what you like about the company.
  5. The personal experience angle.
    • Did you have an amazing experience with this company that stuck with you?
  6. The friend of the company angle.
    • Do you know someone who worked at the company who loved it there?