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Digital Job Shop offers digital job templates to help you put together your job application. These include resume templates, cover letter templates, student curriculum vitae templates, and professional curriculum vitae templates. Learn how to write a resume, cover letter, and curriculum vitae by reading our blogs. Get your free resume template by clicking the link above which will save you a lot of time in formatting your resume. Our other templates are available for purchase at our Etsy shop.

We also offer interview prep material which includes what the 20 most common interview questions are and how to answer them along with a salary negotiation guide. Our thank you for interview digital cards include a template on what to say after the job interview and will help show the interviewer that you want the job.

Finally, our career development planner contains an onboarding guide, communication guide, and accomplishment tracker to help you keep track of your learning and accomplishments so that you can provide clear evidence that you make the company money. It will also teach you how to reach for higher level tasks and to communicate your progress to your supervisor so that you can justify asking for a salary increase and job promotion.

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A resume is a marketing document of you and your services to a buyer. It includes only the relevant information to a specific job posting. There are a lot of resume templates on the internet that are in the wrong format or are too busy. It can be hard to identify which resume template is the best to use. The best resume format is one that is simple and easy to read down the page. Recruiters spend on average 6 seconds reviewing a resume as they have thousands of resumes to search through to find the right candidate. You will want to make your resume skimable. The information on your resume should go straight down the page with plenty of white space. The professional summary in a resume is now outdated as it causes the reader to work to find information. We offer a free resume template, or for purchase at an affordable price on our Etsy shop, in the best format to help get you started in the job application process, setting you up for success.

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Curriculum Vitae

A curriculum vitae is a full history of your academic achievements and your work experience. This document is used for people who are in the academic, research or medical fields. A student curriculum vitae will list education at the top, then awards, followed by research experience and so on. A professional curriculum vitae is for post-doctoral fellows, professors, senior research scientists and other more experience professionals. A professional curriculum vitae starts with professional positions held, then professional services, followed by awards and education and so on. You can choose which sections are more relevant and place those at the top. Receiving a grant award is a big deal in research, so that should go somewhere near the top. There can be a transition between a student and a professional curriculum vitae; slowly start adding in sections that go on a professional curriculum vitae as you gain experience. Student and professional curriculum vitae templates  are available for purchase in our Etsy shop.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is the voice to your resume or curriculum vitae. It conveys who you are and why you want the job. In the first paragraph, a cover letter should have a powerful connection story to the company. The 2nd and 3rd paragraphs include how your expertise or services makes or saves the company money or solves a problem for the company. Give an example of this from your current or previous job. Finally in the last paragraph, ask for the job and give your contact information. If anyone in the company recommended you for the role, you can name drop them here. Your cover letter should be saved and uploaded as a PDF in a separate document and included with your resume. You can purchase our cover letter template in our resume and cover letter bundle set at our Etsy shop. It includes step by step instructions on what to say.

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Interview Prep Material

Practice the 20 most common interview questions in preparation for your upcoming job interview. It is impossible to prepare for every potential job interview question, so just practice the top 20 interview questions. Our guide will teach you how to answer these questions and a general approach to answering most interview questions that can be applied during an interview to a question you did not practice.

Not sure how to negotiation salary at a job interview? We will teach you how to determine what your asking salary should be going into the job interview, what to say when negotiating salary and how to follow up with a counter offer. These guides are available for purchase individually or together in a bundle at our Etsy shop. You will feel much more confident going into your job interview after studying these guides.

Email Signatures

Email signatures are a great way to market you and your services and give all of the necessary details in one space, at the end of all of your emails. These email signature templates are offered for sell at our Etsy shop. You will be able to edit them for free at canva.com. They are easy to edit and fully customizable. Put in your personal information and a picture of yourself or pictures that represent your business. You can replace any background pictures and change the color on any element as well as font size, type, and color. Add in new elements or delete existing ones and move any element around. Download as a png file and upload in the email signature section in the settings of your email. These are perfect for promoting yourself or your business.

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Thank You For Interview Digital Cards

We now live in the digital age where we can send documents very quickly through the internet. You should always send a personalize thank you note to every person you meet after the job interview and especially the hiring person. It is recommended to send the thank you for interview digital card by the end of the day, the day of the interview or at least within 24 hours of the interview. Buy a set of thank you for interview digital card templates from our Etsy shop. Each set contains a theme and has 10 different backgrounds within the theme. A template on what to say is also included. These can be edited for free at canva.com and are fully editable.

Career Development Planner

Our career development planner will help you keep track of your accomplishments over the course of a year in order to provide accurate and concrete information so you can clearly state how you save the company money which will lead to a salary raise or job promotion. It provides guidance in onboarding yourself to a company. This will help you organize your learning and accomplishments so you can master your core tasks and then reach for additional higher level tasks that will then lead you to a job promotion. It also helps you to set up when and how you will communicate with your supervisor so you can keep them up to date on your progress and so they are aware that you are benefiting the company. Refer to this planner when you update your resume, write your annual review, ask for a salary increase, or ask for a job promotion. Our career development planner is available for purchase on Amazon.