Picture on Curriculum Vitae and LinkedIn

Should I use a picture on my curriculum vitae?

Whether or not you should use a picture on your curriculum vitae, or even a resume, depends on the location of the job. In some countries, it is standard to include a picture, and in other countries, it standard to leave your picture off. Find out what is standard in your field and location and do that. 

There is a worry that one will be judged by their appearance or discriminated and that is why it is recommended to leave off your picture. However, it is also now expected that you have a LinkedIn page, and it is highly recommended to include a picture on your LinkedIn page as people with a picture have higher views of their profiles. It is now standard to include your LinkedIn url on your curriculum vitae and also your resume. In conclusion, it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to put your picture on your curriculum vitae or resume. 

Sometimes people use their picture when it is not standard to do so. And that is okay because it is not going to hurt anything and they will see it on your LinkedIn profile anyways. However, it is not advisable to leave off your picture if the standard is to include a picture because then that makes it look like you are shy and not going to be a good communicator.

Recruiters and employers want to see a friendly, professional picture of someone they think will get along with everyone on the team. Make sure in your picture you are dressed appropriately or professionally, you are smiling, and you are looking towards the camera. If they don’t see your picture on your curriculum vitae or resume, then they should see it on your LinkedIn page that you should have listed the url for on your curriculum vitae or resume. Either way you decide of whether or not to use a picture on your curriculum vitae or resume, you still need a good picture. 


Do I need a LinkedIn page?

The short answer is yes; it is probably a good idea. You will want to have some kind of online website that displays your work experience and skills and this should match your curriculum vitae or resume. Employers are going to look you up on the internet and it’s better to give them a page, such as a LinkedIn profile, that they can look at. Otherwise they may keep searching until they stumble across your Facebook page. So give them something they can look at and include links on it for them to get more information about you. For example, did someone write an article about you? If so, include the link. This is your chance to show your professional side and to keep them from discovering your personal side, which is not their business. You don’t want to be judge or discriminated against for your personal views. It may be a wise choice to change your profile picture or your name on your social media accounts while you are applying for jobs. I’ve seen many of my colleagues do this.


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