Copyright Policy

What you are allowed to use.

I provide samples for the resume templates and the curriculum vitae templates directly on this website. You may use the format of the Microsoft word templates for the resume and curriculum vitae. You can either sign up for the free resume template that I will email to you or purchase from our Etsy shop. These templates are meant to help you with the format and save you time. You may use the format from the Microsoft word resume template or curriculum vitae template that we provide here on in order to create your own resume and Mircosoft word curriculum vitae. You may NOT use the actual image; you may only copy the format.

What you may NOT be copied or used.

You may NOT copy any of the Canva template designs for the following templates/products: resume templates, cover letter templates, curriculum vitae templates, email signature templates, or thank you for interview digital card templates. You may NOT copy the design of the career development planner cover. You may NOT copy the format, layout, design, organization or any aspect of the internal pages of the career development planner both physical and digital versions.

All templates/products are for personal use only and you may NOT resell.

The only products we offer for free are the Microsoft word resume template and the digital career development planner. You can also purchase all of the templates and products off of our Etsy shop or Amazon page. All templates and products of DigitalJobShop, whether received for free or purchased, are for personal use only and may NOT be resold.


All text on this site is original and is therefore protected under general copyright law. It must not under any circumstances be copied or otherwise used.


Wherever possible, the images used on this website are my own. However, some are used with the knowledge and permission of the copyright owner and others have been purchased under license.

Using other people’s images without their permission contravenes copyright law and is theft.

If I discover that images I have purchased, or which I have permission to use, have been copied from this site I will have no hesitation in contacting both the original owner and the site from which they were originally obtained to report infringement.

If I discover that my own images have been stolen I will contact the Web host of the person concerned, reporting copyright violation and requesting that the offending site be taken down.