Cover Letter for Resume

Why is the cover letter for resume important?

The cover letter is the voice to your resume; it is what you can’t say on your resume. Do not reiterate what is already in your resume. Recruiters only spend a few seconds skimming cover letters. The goal of your cover letter is to build interest. They do not know anything about you or why you want the job. Convey your passion for the industry or company. Show them why you want the job. Explain why you are a good fit for the job.

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Tips for writing a good cover letter for resume.

  • Have an attention-grabbing hook.
  • A tailored message to each company you are applying to.
  • Do not use the same generic cover letter for each application.
  • Share a powerful connection story- What drew you to this company?

How to write a cover letter for resume?

You should have 4 paragraphs to write a cover letter for a job:

  • Paragraph 1: Company Connection Story
  • Paragraph 2: Expertise and Motivation
  • Paragraph 3: A Narrative Supporting Example
  • Paragraph 4: The ask and close

Best practices when distributing your cover letter:

  • Always send your cover letter with your resume.
  • Send your cover letter in PDF form, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Attach your cover letter to emails and do not copy and paste into the body of the email.
  • Write a separate message in the body of the email.
  • Cover letter and resume should be separate documents.