Why You Should Write Your Own Resume

The main reason why you should write your own resume is because you know yourself best. Your resume will not genuinely reflect you if someone else writes it. Be careful of online resume builders because they don’t use the best format. They often contain 2 columns, have the outdated professional summary and are too busy and complicated. Also, be careful of hiring a resume writer. If you feel the need to hire a resume writer, then you should ask the question, why? Is it because you are not having success in getting a job? If that is the case, then hiring someone to write your resume will not help you because your resume is not the problem. The real problem is that 80% of jobs are gotten via referral. While you should have a well-written resume, it is not the main thing to focus on. This is where networking comes into play.


Another reason to write your own resume, is that you are going to need to edit and update your resume often throughout your career and hiring a resume writer is expensive. It is not practical for most people to have a resume writer. Writing a resume is an easy skill to learn and once you master it, you can confidently write and edit your own resume. All you need is a simple word processor such as Microsoft word or Pages. 

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