Questions to Ask on Interview

Not sure what questions to ask on an interview? Below are a list of questions to ask during a job interview.

Connect with the Interviewer

Pick one:

  1. How did you join the company?
  2. What was your motivation for starting the company?
  3. What do you like about this company?
  4. What has this company taught you?

Learn about the work environment

Pick a couple and add your own questions about things you need to know:

  1. What makes the department I’d be working for successful?
  2. What is the culture like here?
  3. What is your mentorship style?
  4. What makes this a great place to work?
  5. What traits do you feel a person needs to be successful at this company?
  6. Can you give me an example of a recent hire that has been successful?
  7. What skills does the person you are hiring need to exceed expectations in this organization?
  8. What are the company’s biggest challenges and how will this job help overcome it?
  9. How will I measure my performance to make sure I am having a positive impact on the company?

Ask for feedback

Ask all:

  1. What additional skills or experience do you wish I had that would make me better fit for this job?
  2. Always ask for what the next steps are in the hiring process. When can you expect them to make a decision by? This way you know when it is appropriate to contact them to follow up.

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