How to Get a Job Promotion

How to get a job promotion or salary raise?

In order to get a job promotion, you will need to have excellent communication skills with everyone you work with. Seek out feedback on how you are perceived at a company. You can do this by asking 3 people how they think others view you and what you need to improve. These 3 people include: your manager, a neutral person and someone who you think does not like you. Communicate with everyone on your team and determine how your role makes their job easier. Remember to give your teammates credit directly and at group meetings for their ideas.

Next you will want to get efficient at all of your core tasks. Make a list of your core tasks and your goals and make sure you become proficient in all of them. Keep communication open with your manager and let them know each month what your monthly accomplishments are and what you plan to accomplish the next month. This opens the door for them to communicate to you what they expect out of you. Maybe you thought you needed to focus on project A but instead they decided they needed you to prioritize project B.

Once you have mastered all of your core tasks, then you can start looking for higher level tasks and seeking out problems within the company that need to be solve and offering solutions. How does solving these problems save or make the company money? Communicate these problems and solutions to your manager and see what they are okay with you working on. Showing that you are capable of solving problems of higher level tasks will demonstrate that you are competent to take on a higher role in the company.

Finally you will want to keep track of your daily accomplishments. Take 5 minutes at the end of each day to write down your accomplishments in a calendar or a planner. You can summarize your accomplishments at the end of each week or month. This will help you to clearly see how you are making progress in the company. It is also important to communicate this progress with your manager on a weekly and monthly basis. Keeping track of your accomplishments helps you to provide accurate and concrete information so you can clearly state how you make or save the company money and are a valuable member of the team. You can then use this to justify a salary raise or job promotion.