Professional Curriculum Vitae

How to write a curriculum vitae for professionals?

List most recent education or experience first and work your way backwards. Shift institute or university names, titles, and descriptions to the left. Shift location and dates to the right. Use the bolded and italicized feature judicially. Determine the order of sections by listing the most relevant or important sections first. Below are the different sections of a professional curriculum vitae, only include the ones that are relevant to you and rearrange as you see fit.


Professional Positions Held

  • List title, department, and university.


Professional Service

  • Separate into two categories: on-going and past.
  • List title and university/institute/association.


Honors and Awards

  • List award title and name of the institute you received it by.



  • List university, degree, and title.


Courses Taught

  • List university.
  • List all courses for each university.



  • List title, institute funded by, $X,XXX,XXX.


Publications: Books

  • List all of your publications.
  • Bold your name.


Publications: Journals & Book Chapters

  • List all of your publications.
  • Bold your name.


Editorial Work

  • List title and journal.


Invited Participant (Lectures, symposia, conferences, courses, and workshops)

  • List title and name of institute.